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Young Residents’ Models

In Re:Play, young residents of three New York City Housing Authority campuses reimagine their public spaces through play, addressing the need for intergenerational space for healing and gathering. Three of the young residents—Aboubakar Cherry, Karim Couser, and Brendon Valerio—contributed models to the Reset: Towards a New Commons exhibition. The models are accompanied by audio descriptions read by the young residents.

Installation view of gallery room focused on a white structure with orange top that holds a screen and a model of a rocket taking off.
Gas pump and rocket models by Aboubaker Cherry. Photo: Asya Gorovits.

Visual Description

A photograph of a gallery room is focused on two objects, while the background is blurred. The background is a wall that has 3 sections—the left is blue with white squares, the middle is a map with 3 TV screens, and the right is white with color images and texts. The center of the photo shows a white object that looks like a pyramid that is missing the pointy top. Instead, there is an object like an orange traffic cone. The white part of the object has an iPad screen with black text. To the right of the white object with the cone on top is a model of a rocket. The rocket is white with yellow details, and is held up by fake steam that is coming out of the bottom, as if it is in the middle of taking off.

Gas Pump and Rocket Audio Description

Installation view of a white podium structure that holds an embedded iPad screen and several rectangular objects.
Oven and compost models by Karim Couser. Photo: Asya Gorovits.

Visual Description

Photograph of a white podium display structure that has two levels—the right is shorter and the left is taller. The right part of the structure has a slanted front that holds an embedded iPad screen. A wire comes out of the screen cover that connects to a pair of headphones on the right side. Behind the screen are two white 3D rectangles with details incised into the sides facing the camera. Three small circular objects sit on top and around the structure. The taller left side of the structure is a tall white rectangle with a flat top. On the top is a pink object that resembles the front of an oven, with four knobs on the top and a clear panel to look inside. Inside the oven are two bowls on top of rectangular surfaces.

Oven and Compost Audio Description

Installation view of small green objects on a white surface against a blue and white wall.
Drone models by Brendon Valerio. Photo: Asya Gorovits.

Visual Description

Photograph centered on small green objects resting on a flat white surface. Behind the green objects is a wall that is white on the right half and blue on the left half. The flat surface has a screen on it that is only partially in view. There are six dark green objects that are all the same object but are different sizes and in different positions. The largest one in the middle shows a cylindrical center with four spidery legs extending from the center up, and then down to rest on the surface. A smaller version of the object is adjacent to it. The other four smaller objects are scattered around the surface, two are standing up straight and two are laying on the ground. The legs of these four are contracted into the cylindrical body.

Drone Audio Description


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