“Writing Women Architects On Film” is a new Pratt SoA seminar, taught by Professor Dale B. Cohen, archiving the work of women architects via film. The objective of the course is for each student to learn about the work of generations of women architects through the intimate examination of a single architect and to compellingly tell the story of an architect’s life and work in a historical context using the medium of film. Film subjects for the seminar are selected from the Mistresses of Pratt archiving project, which recognizes the work of women educators. The seminar is an extension of Cohen’s project “Women Architects are Everywhere: 1MIN Student Film Competition”, to be re-launched in 2021.

The Architecture and Design Film Festival selected one Cohen’s student’s films for its “2020 Short Films Program, I: Inspired by Mentors”. The film, Dagmar Richter: Influencing Great Architecture, by Umay Gunes Kurtulan, B.ARCH ’20, describes how “Dagmar Richter influences new generations of architects by setting a bold and fearless example of versatility within architecture, through a feminist outlook.”

Organized by
AIA New York Architecture Dialogue and Women in Architecture Committees