The Howl, a multimedia forum to explore storytelling and filmmaking as powerful tools for architects to create a more compelling, equitable, and sustainable built environment, returns to the Center for Architecture under a theme inspired by the AIANY TORCH Mentorship Program: advice I would give a younger version of myself.

Architects understand that stories shape the way we perceive our surroundings. The process of placemaking is full of narrative arcs, both subtle and explicit, especially in the making of the home but also in the making of a nearly every building typology that is built with a specific user and location in mind. When architects design, however, the driving narrative is often overshadowed by subsequent events. These original narratives often are forgotten or replaced with a new narrative to suit a perfunctory resume or bio. However, if certain principles of storytelling are applied, the driving narrative can be revived, revisited, and drawn upon to create more meaningful messages. The same is true for the development of an architect’s career. The true stories behind one’s practice in architecture— heartfelt stories about aspirations, achievements, and setbacks—remind people of what we as artists all strive for: to matter.

This interactive gathering will welcome guest speakers and the audience to share and reflect upon their early career development experiences and intentions to have a positive impact on the built environment through storytelling. Food and drinks will be served.