The Future of Museums Dialogue Series
As the world rapidly changes around us, old frameworks for the development of cultural centers looks less and less relevant. During the Summer and Fall of 2020, AIA New York will look specifically at museums, questioning what would happen if we were to take this unprecedented time to explore new missions, visions, and (spatial) programs for existing and new museums. What will 21st-century museums be like? Join us for this Fall line-up of conversations as cultural forecaster and museum expert David van der Leer, Principal of DVDL DD, speaks with museum professionals from around the US and beyond.

For the past two seasons we have talked to seasoned museum professionals about the future of their institutions. While these leaders may have a lot of experience to offer, it is the next generation of museum professionals who will really be at the forefront of transforming our museums into the cultural centers of tomorrow. In this week’s installment, Van der Leer will be joined in conversation by young museum professionals from the US and beyond.

Organized by
AIANY Cultural Facilities Committee and DVDL DD

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