This program will delve into the critical realm of high-performance wall design, specifically focusing on rainscreen assemblies. Earn valuable HSW continuing education credits while gaining essential knowledge about the impact of Local Law 126 on fireblocking in rainscreen assemblies.

Key topics of discussion include the evolution of the IBC and NYC code language, the practical implications of the new code on different materials, and strategies for addressing conflicts and omissions. Moreover, we’ll explore the adoption of new materials and applications in response to these regulatory changes, shedding light on the policy considerations that are shaping the industry landscape.

About the Speaker:
Steven Gaynor is a Principal Consultant at Pivoth Corp. He serves as Vice Chairperson on the Board of Directors at the Rainscreen Association in North America, and a voting member on the ASTM E06: Performance of Buildings. Gaynor specializes in commercial façade product market entry and growth strategies, as well as certification and compliance management. Drawing on over 20 years of industry experience, Gaynor regularly speaks on topics related to the navigating complex maze of stakeholder needs in order to properly produce, test, market, sell, distribute, and install rainscreen and related products in the US construction market. Gaynor believes that producers’ understanding and guidance on compliance topics, like fire performance, is essential for sustainable commercial success and constructing better buildings.