More and more women are slowly ascending to top positions at established firms in design, development, and construction. Some of those who have ascended then take the leap to start their own businesses.

What are the keys to their professional successes, then and now? What motivated them to go out on their own? How are they mentoring the next generation of future leaders? Please join the AIANY Global Dialogues Committee for the sixth-annual Leaning Out event, as we meet some of these extraordinary professionals and learn more about how they have successfully struck out on their own.

About the Series: Leaning Out was initiated in 2013 as a panel on and by women in the fields of architecture and construction. As part of the AIANY Global Dialogues Committee series of panels, each year’s topic reflects the Global Dialogues theme of the year. In turn, topics such as Global Practice, Identity and Profile, Education, Landscape Architecture, Academic Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, have been discussed by highly accomplished women in this field within a format that begins with presentations and is completed with a moderated panel discussion. Over 180 people attend the panel each year to listen to four or five panelists selected for their achievements in the field and ability to inspire generations to come. Leaning Out was initiated by Hana Kassem, AIA, Principal, KPF.