Organized by the AIANY New Practices Committee, “Alone Together & Somewhere In-Between: Modes of Practice in Contemporary Architecture” is a three-part series of panel discussions delving deeper into the way we work, collaborate, and shape practices in contemporary architecture. Each panel will focus on a specific mode of practice, from the solo practitioner to a range of partnerships and experimental collaborations. Providing an overview for focusing on the wide range of ways architects are organizing to produce their work, the series hopes to uncover and illuminate the ways in which practices are evolving, as well as to explore new directions in the field.

Part III – Going Somewhere In-Between
“Going Somewhere In-Between” is the third event in the series, focusing on alternative practice formats and modes of collaboration. With new technological tools and changing sensibilities of what practices can be, architects are seeking out and experimenting more confidently with multi-faceted ways to relate, collaborate, and come together in practice — sometimes even engaging multiple practice identities simultaneously. This discussion will uncover how working somewhere in between individual-led and partnership formats may offer new directions for practice and expanded opportunities for agency in the discipline.