Now more than ever, data is being collected and applied to evaluate problems and deliver solutions. “FutureNOW” will explore the implementation of technology-driven advancements in the AEC industry. Through a series of presentations, discussions, and collaborations, industry leaders and emerging professionals will share insights on how a data-driven mindset can enhance the design process, quantify the value of good design, while moving companies into the future.

Part 1 – The Now: A Primer for Understanding and Adjusting to Data Disruption
Data is not new to the profession; traditionally, it’s been critical to city planning and building performance. However, over the last few years, the quantity, quality, and specificity of data has dramatically improved. New technologies, like visual scripting and artificial intelligence, have become mainstream, encouraging a shift in practice towards more efficient design and construction workflows. Data has also given the AEC community the ability to more objectively quantify the value of their work. The panel will feature presentations and a discussion exploring how new technology has been implemented in practice and where it could lead us in the future.

Part 2 – The Future: A New Data-Driven Architecture
The architectural profession must adapt and implement new technologies to stay relevant in a data-driven economy. During the afternoon, participants will form groups to discuss opportunities afforded by new tech in architecture. Ideas will be collected and formatted as part of a new tech implementation toolkit that will be shared with NYC firm leadership. Following the workshop, each group will briefly share their ideas during a cocktail hour.