Frequently Asked Questions: School Visits

Payment and Registration:

How do I pay for our School Visit workshop(s)? 

  • In order to finalize your reservation, full payment or a completed DOE Purchase Order must be received within 30 days of the invoice date or two weeks prior to your first program date, whichever comes first. Your date(s) on hold will be removed and your reservation will be cancelled if payment is not received by this deadline. You may pay in full using a credit card by following the link on your invoice. Checks made out to the “Center for Architecture” are also accepted and should be mailed with your invoice to Center for Architecture, K-12 Education, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 10012. We do not accept cash payments.

What if we need to cancel or reschedule our School Visit workshop(s)?

  • All requests to cancel or reschedule your School Visit workshop(s) must be received in writing at least three business days prior to the scheduled visit date by emailing our Education Program Coordinator at There is a $50 cancellation/rescheduling fee per workshop. If notice of cancellation or request to reschedule is not received in this timeframe, schools are responsible for full payment. If the Center for Architecture needs to cancel a program, schools will receive a full refund or the opportunity to reschedule without penalty.  

What times are available for booking workshops?  

  • We offer School Visit workshops anytime between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm from Monday – Friday. When filling out your School Visit Request Form, you will have the option to input your first and second preferred workshop time and date. The Education Program Coordinator will review your request and let you know if those preferred dates and times are available, otherwise you will be offered alternatives. 

Can we combine smaller classes into one School Visit workshop?

  • No. Classes of any size may not be combined in a single School Visit workshop. If you are booking for more than one class, please list each class separately during the reservation process. This policy is for both in-person and virtual workshops. If you have any questions about specific circumstances, please contact our Education Program Coordinator by calling 212-358-6127 or emailing 

How many classes can visit at a time?  

  • We can accommodate a maximum of two classes at the same time, given available classroom space at our Center. Due to this limited availability, please allow extra time to plan for and schedule a double-group visit. 

Is there a limit on the number of workshops I can book for my school?

  • Due to the shared nature of our space and our educators’ availability, each school or organization is limited to book up to 6 classes.  

Can the Center for Architecture visit my school for a School Visit workshop?

  • No. You can book a School Visit workshop in-person at the Center for Architecture or as a live, virtual workshop streamed into your classroom. If you have any questions about specific circumstances, please contact our Education Program Coordinator by calling 212-358-6127 or emailing


Visiting the Center for Architecture:

What if we are late?

  • If your group is running late, please notify our Education Program Coordinator by calling 212-358-6127 or emailing, or call our Front Desk at (212) 358-6121. If you need to leave at the originally scheduled time, our Design Educator will shorten your program accordingly to finish at the originally designated time. If you have the flexibility to stay longer and if we can accommodate this last-minute change, your group will have the opportunity to stay up to 15 additional minutes to make up for missed time.  

How many chaperones should accompany us?

  • We recommend one chaperone for every ten students. One group may not have more than six chaperones. There is no additional fee for adult chaperones. We expect that chaperones will be engaged and active participants throughout the workshop. 

Can our class explore the Center for Architecture before or after our workshop?

  • Unfortunately, due to the shared nature of our space, we are not able to invite unaccompanied student groups to visit our exhibitions. If you are interested in booking an exhibition program or tour for your student group, please contact our Education Program Coordinator by calling 212-358-6127 or emailing 

Can we eat lunch at the Center for Architecture?

  • We do not allow visiting school groups to eat lunch at the Center for Architecture. Bottled beverages that can be closed are permitted during the workshop

What should my students bring? 

  • It can be helpful to bring reusable bags to carry completed models home. For the Green Architecture School Visit workshop, students have the option to bring in recycled materials (small cardboard boxes/tubes, etc.) to use to craft their green building models. Otherwise, the Center for Architecture will provide all the necessary supplies and materials for the workshop.