Sponsored by the AIANY Housing and the AIANY Planning and Urban Design Committees, this is the inaugural panel of TORONTO – NEW YORK, a new platform for a variety of activities where designers and innovators between these two great cities may explore, share, and develop ideas, with the overarching goal of promoting design excellence. Future topics are expected to include environmental concerns and public policy, housing and urban design, and the visual arts, highlighting the possible interconnections between these generally separate spheres.

This first event is entitled “Affordable Housing & Reurbanization of the Toronto’s Inner Suburbs.” The theme of the presentations by leading Toronto experts in architecture, planning and urban design, and development, focuses on the demand for affordable housing in the context of improving urban and suburban neighborhoods. This panel will showcase Toronto’s legacy of design excellence, new housing strategies, and current urban regeneration works.

The supertitle, “Design by Example,” suggests that the Toronto approach incorporates lessons from local and international housing and neighborhood designs; and that the models presented, in terms of policy, design and development, may also serve as examples for New York.

Discussion will be moderated by Susanne Schindler and will focus on lessons learned and how these ideas may be applied within the NYC context.

TO-NY was founded by Mary Elizabeth Rusz, AIA, who has lived in NYC since 1988 but whose “hometown” is Toronto. This new platform makes sense given the close proximity between Toronto and New York City, the largest metropolises in Canada and the U.S.A., respectively, and our shared heritage and common concerns.

Additional support has been provided by the Urban Design Forum and the Canadian Consulate in New York.

Organized by: AIANY Housing Committee, AIANY Planning and Urban Design Committee