The Howl will serve as a multimedia forum to explore storytelling and filmmaking as powerful tools for architects to create a more compelling, equitable, and sustainable built environment.

Stories shape the way we perceive our surroundings. The process of placemaking is full of narrative arcs, both subtle and explicit, especially in the making of the home. When architects design, however, the driving narrative is often overshadowed by practical matters. These original narratives become forgotten, and a new narrative, often an afterthought, is developed to fit whatever vision the architect, developer, or marketing team believes will best promote the final project. However, if certain principles of storytelling are applied, the driving narrative can be revived, revisited, and drawn upon to create more meaningful messages. The heartfelt stories that embody works of architecture remind people of what we strive for: healthier, happier, and more meaningful places to live.

With opening remarks by Bill Kramer, Chief Executive Officer of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and an open mic moderated by filmmaker Mark Slagle, co-founder and executive producer at 1504, a narrative studio that designs stories at the intersection of culture and community, this interactive gathering will welcome guest speakers and the audience to demonstrate how the design for every project has a compelling story behind it that is just waiting to be told. Food and drinks will be served.