The Mycelium House is a series of design workshops exploring the use of mycelium, the thread-like structures (hyphae) in fungi, as a residential building material in combination with other zero-carbon fibers and substrates to build tiny, tent-like shelters.

Each workshop will tap into breakthroughs made during the AIANY Custom Residential Architecture Network’s Mycelium Project (2021/2022), which resulted in the development of Corōlla, a shading structure designed for the conservatory-like, glass-roofed space of the Sculpture Gallery at the Glass House. The original set of workshops led to the development of mycelium sheets—pliable, thin, shell forms that, when hardened, have the structural stability of concrete. These sheets will serve as the foundation for the development of Mycelium House.

Participants will act as members of a typical residential architecture project team composed of architects, engineers, (myco)builders, and specialized consultants. They will discuss the architecture and engineering of the Mycelium House and explore design options through structural, computational, and physical material studies and fabrication in a mock-studio setting. Guest speakers, including green building scientists and material innovators, will offer their insights as the design of the mycelium shelters progresses. This program is composed of three workshops on November 3 (completed), February 8, and April 12, where participants will follow the progression of the Mycelium House. Participants may register for each session independently.