In this course, subject matter experts from the team at Existing Conditions will illustrate how 3D laser scanning, point clouds, and BIM can be used to reduce risk and add value to projects in the building industry. Speakers will provide participants with the information they need to get the most of out of their as built and existing conditions surveys. They’ll address common questions and misconceptions related to the use of 3D laser scanning and BIM, taking a deep dive into the value of these resources. Course participants will complete this session with a thorough understanding of how to establish a mutual, accurate point of departure on their projects.

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover the options that professionals have available to them to gather accurate data about a building, its systems, and its context
  • Learn how to create, use, and access point cloud data in a digital environment
  • Gain insight about the historical evolution of architectural drafting from hand-drawing to BIM
  • Comprehend the theory and process of building a model from point cloud data, as well as how BIM can be used across the lifecycle of a building

About the Speakers:
Philip Smith is the VP of Product & Technology for Existing Conditions. Leaning on decades of experience in the AEC industry, he oversees the standardization, implementation, and automation of technology and processes across the company. His focus is on ensuring that Existing Conditions remains a leader in providing accurate, dependable, and cost-effective solutions for their clients. Before joining the company in 2011, he was the BIM Manager at a large architecture firm in California.

Conor Samuels is a graduate of Texas Tech’s Honors College and College of Architecture. Before joining Existing Conditions in 2010, he helped design award-winning projects at Lake Flato Architects in San Antonio (then AIA Firm of the Year) and DiMella Shaffer Architects in Boston. As Existing Conditions’ Product Director, Samuels oversees the production of models and drawings and creates the standards and processes for their production. Samuels frequently meets with clients to educate them on Existing Conditions’ process for collecting, processing, and modeling data, and works with them after project delivery to ensure client success.

Organized by
AIA New York; Existing Conditions