As part of the Center for Architecture Presidential Lecture Series, Dagmar Richter will discuss cooperative housing in Berlin.

Since 2007, the city of Berlin has supported groups interested in building new housing based on shared decision making, shared resources, and substantially shared common spaces. The goals of these projects are to fill the remaining gaps in the inner city, increase density in the center, and support families and seniors so they can remain in the city by providing appropriate shared spaces and well planned alternatives.

A number of architecture offices are now working with these groups. Lately, these offices have started to actively initiate new groups by finding appropriate building sites and working closely with the city. These architects have become specialists in alternative financing with coop banks, in finding and negotiating inner city sites, in working with the city to change planning and zoning rules to allow more shared resources and spaces, and in leading the client groups through the complex design and decision-making process. Architecturally, those new housing projects are demonstrating that inner-city shared housing does allow for high-quality, mixed-use and affordable alternatives.

Richter will be joined in conversation by Marc Norman.

Organized by
Center for Architecture