The 2023 City Council General Election is quickly approaching, and two of AIA New York Political Action Fund’s “Highly Rated” Candidates are running in competitive races to retain their seats. Marjorie Velazquez and Justin Brannan are joining AIANY PAF for a Q&A on October 3, 2023 for architects and the design community to get to know the candidates, hear about their districts’ priorities, and learn about the work the candidates are doing to support the built environment.

This year’s City Council elections are unusual. An idiosyncrasy in the City Charter states that every 20 years, following the redistricting process, a City Council election must be held after two years rather than four, with candidates then elected for only a two-year term (see Section 25 of the City Charter). After this adjustment, candidates can then run for a regular four-year term in 2025. This provision is meant to accommodate any challenges resulting from new district lines.

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AIA New York Political Action Fund