Join William Bahnfleth, representing ASHRAE, and Jessica Sheridan, representing AIA, in a conversation about how each professional organization has mobilized to support their respective memberships in navigating the challenges presented by COVID-19. They will discuss how the engineering and architecture community might anticipate changes in the near- and long-term and the greater value of integrated design services. In the discussion, the panelists will respond to these four learning objectives:

What are the most important principles to emerge as we prepare ourselves and our clients to re-enter our shared indoor environments?
What are some of the important open questions about re-occupancy that are yet to be resolved and what aspects of building science, immunology, and behavioral science contribute to establishing trust in our buildings?
What and where are the most critical “knowledge” and “practice behavior” gaps in traditional project team workflows? How do we challenge our comfort zones while simultaneously also managing our risks?
What are some important lessons learned so far, including surprises, success stories as well as failures, that serve as reminders that we are always “practicing” in terms of meeting the health, welfare and safety expectations in our communities?

Organized by
AIA New York Committee on the Environment