Globally, infrastructure is aging, under-maintained, and often relied upon singularly; without redundant systems in place to support these critical systems, societies expose themselves to a variety of risks. Extreme weather events and rising sea levels are fast-growing challenges that will continue to affect the Northeast region’s environmental and social systems, supported by a set of outdated and compromised systems.

Transportation, energy systems, public health facilities, telecommunications systems, and food supply chains are among the interdependent critical services necessary to maintaining the economy, security, and health of New York City, the tri-state area, and the Northeast. Superstorm Sandy brutally exposed the vulnerabilities in these systems, highlighting how the metropolitan region can no longer ignore the maintenance, upgrading, and replacement of infrastructure. However, the issue is not a local one, and cities worldwide are researching and implementing measures of redundancy and adaptability. A panel of experts will identify the most pressing critical infrastructure issues, assess challenges, and propose solutions to monitor our rapidly changing environment in innovative and creative ways.

Organized by: AIANY Design for Risk and Reconstruction Committee and AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.