Organized by the AIANY New Practices Committee, “Alone, Together & Somewhere In-Between: Modes of Practice in Contemporary Architecture” is a three-part series of panel discussions delving deeper into the way we work, collaborate, and shape practices in contemporary architecture. Each panel will focus on a specific mode of practice, from the solo practitioner to a range of partnerships and experimental collaborations. Providing an overview for focusing on the wide range of ways architects are organizing to produce their work, the series hopes to uncover and illuminate the ways in which practices are evolving, as well as to explore new directions in the field.

Part I – Alone

“Alone” will be the first event in the series, focusing on practices founded or led by a single voice. Despite the growing popularity and visibility of partnerships, couples, and collectives, a great majority of architects continue to start and lead practices on their own. Concurrently, the new collective and shared economy now empowers many to go at it alone while still being part of a greater whole. This discussion will dig deeper into models of practice to reveal different approaches, ways of thinking, and modes of working through a singular approach.

The panel series is made possible by a grant awarded by the national AIA Trust Program sponsored by Victor O. Schinnerer & Company, Inc., the CNA Insurance Companies, and The AIA Trust, providers of the AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Program.