When do you want your delivery? The next day? The same day? In a few hours?

In recent years shifts in expectations and consumption have led to a surge in the movement of goods and services, leading to accelerated growth of urban freight ecosystems with real implications for cities. The operations and facilities that support goods movement affect a wide range of stakeholders, including communities, industry, and government, as well as those in professional practice whose design work focuses on urban freight and the public right of way. This event brings together panelists representing some of those diverse voices for dialogue on how goods movement and neighborhood needs can be balanced to create more livable communities.

This public program accompanies the release of a multi-committee task force document summarizing impacts and opportunities associated with urban freight. The program will feature a presentation of specific, actionable, approaches showing how planning and design can create benefits for residents and freight operators  through innovative site-scale strategies. At system-scale, we will spotlight vital opportunities for rethinking multi-modal infrastructure. Our discussion will address sustainability, freight as part of a circular material loop, and the need for equitable outcomes for communities that are disproportionately impacted by freight operations and facilities.

Please join us for an evening dedicated to sharing new perspectives on what the future could be for people-centered urban freight in New York City.