Built environment solutions are well positioned to guide post-COVID-19 recovery in New York City. Ambitious programs, policies, and practices have the potential of ushering in a new era for our city. The extended crisis of the pandemic has upended long-standing practices and embedded new relationships between people and their environments. Even with the prospect of a return to “normal,” the new normal will not be the same normal.

This pivotal moment presents widespread opportunity to advance and leverage interconnected, sustainable, and equitable urban strategies for progressive, healthy, and economically viable design interventions. While we seek to encourage responses that yield optimal outcomes, we must also recognize that recovery will span issue-areas and boroughs; that neighborhoods are not hospitable to one-size fits all solutions.

This program will convene local civic leaders, professionals, and practitioners to share their perspectives on the impact of the pandemic on NYC’s urban fabric, at the intersection of equity, economy, and environment.