This is the first program in the In the Realm of Indigenous Architectures series, developed in collaboration with the Indigenous Society of Architecture, Planning and Design (ISAPD). In the Realm of Indigenous Architectures presents built projects, architectural tools, and historical policy illustrating the preservation of culture and transformation of Indigenous communities in the United States today. Miriam Diddy (Hopi, Navajo) is a planner and GIS specialist and has worked on planning, mapping, and community engagement efforts for several tribes across the Southwest. While at AOS Architects, Diddy was the lead designer coding and building the award-winning Zuni Housing Authority mobile app, which collects housing and demographics data on nearly 2,000 homes at Zuni Pueblo. Diddy will highlight the importance of architectural tools and technology for tribal communities and share her experience developing the app and its potential expansive use for other departments or tribes in the future.

Organized by:
Center for Architecture