In the last fiscal year, The Bronx saw $3.3 Bn of new investment (up 37% on 2015); with 14.2 million square feet proposed new development (up 41% on 2015), two thirds of which will be residential. The area of Mott Haven has received most investment so far, with developers Chetrit and Somerset investing $350 Million at Oak Point rail yards, taking advantage of the proximity to Manhattan and the views south across the Harlem River.

All this can be seen as a boon for NYC’s poorest Borough’s tax coffers, property speculators and those looking for a more affordable new rental. But such growth has a flipside for those already living and working there: a rapidly growing, wealthier population means increasing rents, increased pressure on existing public infrastructure: on schools, access to public space, and transportation.

The AIANY Planning & Urban Design Committee along with the American Planning Association, New York Metro Chapter, is organizing a three-part discussion to encourage transparent dialogues between the different stakeholders involved in the planning, urban design and development of projects in the South Bronx.