April 6, 2011
by Rebecca Parelman Center for Architecture Foundation

Courtesy Center for Architecture Foundation

“Sunny Side Up,” by Doris Sung.

The Center for Architecture Foundation is pleased to announce the winner of the 2011 Arnold W. Brunner Grant: Doris Sung, principal of Rolling Hills, CA-based dO|Su Studio Architecture and adjunct associate professor at the University of Southern California. Through her project, “Sunny Side Up,” Sung plans to challenge the “traditional presumption that building skins should be static and inanimate by viewing building skins as a prosthetic layer between man and his environment as a responsive and active system.” The project will be an outdoor installation that demonstrates the capacity of thermo-bimetal, a heat-sensitive smart material that can self-ventilate and shade, to be an environmental architectural application. Ultimately, “Sunny Side Up” will serve as a canopy that will strategically shrivel and change shape as it tracks the sun and shades the Materials & Applications gallery space.

The Arnold W. Brunner Grant was established for mid-career professional architects for advanced study in any area of architectural investigation that will effectively contribute to the knowledge, teaching, or practice of the art and science of architecture.

The next Center for Architecture Scholarship and Grant deadline is 05.03.11 for the Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals. The Haskell Award was founded to encourage student journalism in architecture, planning, and related subjects, and to foster regard for intelligent criticism among future professionals. For application details [http://www.cfafoundation.org/files/Haskell_Application_Form.pdf ] as well as information regarding the other scholarships and grants offered by the Center for Architecture Foundation, visit www.cfafoundation.org.