August 31, 2011
by Rebecca Parelman Center for Architecture Foundation

Kristi Tremblay with the Jugaad Urbanism Student Day Group (left), and with the Girl Scouts Amazing Race (right).

Catherine Teegarden

Rebecca Parelman, Program Coordinator at the Center for Architecture Foundation (CFAF), spoke with Kristi Tremblay about her experience interning at CFAF.

Rebecca Parelman (RP): What made you want to intern at CFAF?
Kristi Tremblay (KT): I was looking for an opportunity to gain relevant experience in a non-profit setting and also expand my knowledge into new areas. Having met with CFAF staff and witnessing first-hand the robustness of the programming here, I became convinced that CFAF was the right place for me.

RP: What are some of the rewarding aspects of your internship?
KT: Not only was I encouraged to teach, but also to explore avenues not frequently available in a museum internship. For example, I had the opportunity to design, market, and implement my own lesson plan. To be able to observe and react in real-time within the process was highly beneficial. I gained insight into understanding the precise roles of schools and museums and how to blend the two together in a manner that is advantageous for both.

RP: What are some of the challenging aspects of your internship?
KT: The wealth of architectural knowledge expressed at Center for Architecture was rather intimidating. However, I was able to relate to the inquisitive focus on details, which is shared by both architects and art historians, which is my background. Also, I have further discovered a commitment to promoting human potential through design and education.

RP: Where do you find yourself after your graduation from Bank Street College of Education?
KT: I have been motivated through my experience at CFAF to continue in the field of museum education.

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