June 12, 2007
by Murrye Bernard Assoc. AIA LEED AP
Courtesy ISE


Courtesy ISE

Through 06.22.07

“Reodorant” is a multi-sensory installation created by Hisako Inoue (artist), Erik Carver (architectural designer), Howard Huang (sound artist), Takashi Sato (perfumer), and Yuka Yokoyama (curator). The team investigates what lies between culture, perception, and memory in an attempt to rewrite subjectivity through sensory stimulation: a memory-reactive-device simultaneously channeling smell, sound, light, and architecture. Wandering through soft forests of smell and sound, one’s memories are gradually called up and put into motion. You are meant to lose sense of yourself. You have been “Reodorized.”

ISE Cultural Foundation, NY gallery
555 Broadway, New York, NY

Through 06.22.07
Preservation as Provocation

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) presents the winners of its 2007 international student competition. The aim was to rethink architectural pedagogy in light of the increased importance of historic preservation in today’s professional practice. The winners demonstrate how knowledge of historic preservation can elevate design by encouraging thoughtful responses to the critical aesthetic, technical, cultural, political, economic, and climactic challenges of our times.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Avery Hall, 400 Level

Michael Hibbard

Untitled 4 (Ceramic and Steel, 36″x17″x29″).

Michael Hibbard

06.26.07 through 07.17.07
Artworks by Architect Michael Hibbard

Buffalo-based architectural designer Michael Hibbard creates intriguing sculpture with an emphasis on the juxtaposition of disparate materials. Hibbard has a keen eye for texture and color in his work combined with strong angular qualities. Each piece is unique, incorporating elements that allow for unusual positioning and display.

Agora Gallery
530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York 10001