In 2012, the City of New York adopted a package of amendments to the NYC Zoning Resolution, collectively called Zone Green, to facilitate more sustainable and energy-efficient design. Zone Green addressed barriers to building thicker, better-insulated walls. It also covered the inclusion of sustainable design strategies, such as solar panels, solar shading systems, green roofs, and greenhouses.

Fast forward six years: although Zone Green successfully solved the problems anticipated at the time, new technologies and new barriers have since emerged. Last fall, Urban Green convened a Task Force of over 40 stakeholders to develop a roadmap for Zone Greener, a set of potential upgrades to the Zoning Resolution that would unlock further opportunities for the next generation of green building.

Part one of this two-part series focuses on building better walls; the second will focus on solar. Expert panelists will address several major wall-related issues identified by the Task Force: thermal bridging, high-performance curtain walls, super-efficient walls, and the re-cladding or over-cladding of mid-century modern buildings. Panelists will also discuss the successes of Zone Green in facilitating the construction of new masonry walls and the addition of exterior insulation.