The second part of the We Want It Now! series will explore transit options that can happen almost overnight. With little flexibility to accommodate new development, most transit options cannot be built quickly. Representatives from the private ferry system that utilizes NYC waterways, a representative from a private ride-hailing service, and an advocate for changes to our bus system will discuss new ways to get around the city with this lack of flexibility in mind.

The first part of this series was held in June and explored several private-sector transportation proposals. Acknowledging that the current public transit system is stretched to the limit, these proposals were intended to address the growth of new central business districts and residential neighborhoods in rapidly growing parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. We looked at the East River Skyway, a gondola system that would connect Williamsburg to the Lower East side in anticipation of the L train shutdown; the BQX streetcar that began as a proposal from private developers who envision transit connections from Brooklyn to Queens to accommodate their new building projects; and Motivate, the private company now operating Citibike.

Kate Slevin, Director, Government & Community Affairs, Regional Plan Association

Organized by: AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committee