Amidst the ongoing pandemic and calls for racial equity and inclusion in the built environment, the AIANY TORCH Mentorship Program convenes a nationally-renowned panel of Fellows who will share experiences from their extraordinary careers and how, through their work and life, they have proactively addressed and advocated for a better, more equitable tomorrow.

The architecture profession faces calls for change and a place for diverse voices at the table. Can our architecture profession be an agent of change and inclusion? What are the challenges that stand in the way? Moderated by Pascale Sablan, AIA, NOMA, Founder of Beyond the Built Environment, panelists will share personal stories from their work, projects, advocacy efforts, and leadership and the hurdles they have overcome, while recognizing how traditional practice has perpetuated the inequitable world we inhabit today and offering a direction for us to follow, one step and small action at a time. Please join us for this important and illuminating discussion.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to take the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the panelists as much as possible, particularly during the smaller group conversations in the second half of the event, in order to get the best possible benefits of the TORCH program.

About the TORCH program:
The TORCH Mentorship program partners emerging professionals and AIA Fellows over the course of the year to share personal strategies and paths to success in the architecture profession. TORCH includes public panel discussions plus one-to-one mentor matching for a longer term discussion.

Organized by
AIANY Emerging New York Architects Committee