Edges & Centers
The Upper East River is one of the most dynamic waterways in New York City. It connects Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Northern Brooklyn, and contains several islands, including Roosevelt Island, which is home to a diverse community of its own; Randall’s Island, a center of recreation for the entire city; and Rikers Island, which is set for redevelopment in the coming years. The character of this area varies across waterfronts but has transformed over time to become a center of economic activity, as well as the focus of forward-looking development. It is, however, infamously hard to navigate between boroughs and islands. How can future development of these waterfronts drive better connectivity and create a truly global center of economic life?

In the final event in this series on the future of the NYC waterfront, a panel of experts including community groups representatives, development experts, city officials and environmental justice advocates will present their experiences working for and on projects that have and are continuing to transform the Upper East River. After the brief panel discussion, attendees will break into roundtable discussions, where they will have an opportunity to voice their own experiences and views about the future of the Upper East River and contribute to New York City’s next Comprehensive Waterfront Plan for 2020-2030.

Organized by
AIANY Committees: PUD, DfRR, D+I, T+I, COTE