This is the third program in the In the Realm of Indigenous Architectures series, developed in collaboration with the Indigenous Society of Architecture, Planning and Design (ISAPD). In the Realm of Indigenous Architectures presents built projects, architectural tools, and historical policy illustrating the preservation of culture and transformation of Indigenous communities in the United States today.

Following on last week’s talk on Federal Indian Boarding School, Dr. Ted Jojola (Isleta Pueblo), will present the story of an anomaly Indian Boarding School: the Albuquerque Indian School (AIS). Jojola will examine how the AIS students’ tribal communities were able to exercise their agency, influencing everything from classroom curriculum to school functions. AIS serves as an example of how communities ultimately mitigated the schools’ assimilation efforts and assured the cultural, social, and economic survival of their people.

Organized by:
Center for Architecture