As we strive for a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive architecture profession, we seek to elevate those that have been largely left out conversations on racial equity.

Arquitina, an organization focused on increasing the representation of Latinas in architecture, is an actively growing grassroots effort with a mission to diversify the field through mentorship and community support. Through a celebration of Arquitina’s recent book, Latinas in Architecture: Stories of Raising the 1% One Latina at a Time, we will learn about the experiences of Latina women in the profession and hold space to celebrate the efforts of Arquitina in enhancing those experiences. Hear from Arquitina founder Alicia Ponce and other members of the New York Latina community as they share their experience as Latinas in architecture.

Join us for an evening filled with food, music, and conversation—everything you would expect at a typical Latino gathering! The book, Latinas in Architecture, will be available for purchase before and after the lecture, with a special meet and greet with Ponce and other members of Arquitina starting at 5:00 pm.