Ten years after Hurricane Sandy, New York City and the greater region are slowly increasing their resliency to coastal storms and their impacts. However, as we’ve learned in the years since Sandy, we cannot just respond to the latest disaster. As the impacts of climate change accelerate and become more frequent and intense, we must adapt to multiple hazards at once—from coastal storms to extreme severe heat and extreme rainfall—and ensure the well-being of our most vulnerable residents. Looking beyond Sandy, planning for a resilient future requires that we place a greater focus on community voices over top-down planning, correct historic injustices of the past while investing in the future, and incorporate more nature-based approaches.

AIANY and Regional Plan Association invite you to join us as we consider a post-Sandy vision of resilience for New York City. As New York City develops its next plan for resilience and adaptation, how do we ensure that all voices are heard? How can we protect the most vulnerable and historically marginalized? What designs will bring us to this more resilient future? These questions and more will be answered at this forward-looking event.