Robotics! We’ve heard a lot about the topic, as well as how automation might revolutionize, threaten, disrupt, or transform AEC professions. To better understand how robotics might shape the future of these fields, this event will focus on those who are already using industrial robotics today to develop architectural products, launch new AEC businesses, and do research that glimpses the near future.

Moderated by Mark Parsons, founder and executive director of the Consortium for Research & Robotics (CRR), this fast-paced event will begin with a selection of five-minute visual presentations representing the spectrum of industrial robotics research. These vignettes will be followed by a panel of professionals with architecture backgrounds who are using robotics in a variety of design and manufacturing environments.

This conversation is designed to open discussion to the reality of employing industrial robotics today—its successes, challenges, inefficiencies and its mesmerizing potentials—to inform and engage audience members by balancing the speculative with the empirical realities of robotics users in the AEC sector today.