ResArch Lab: The Mycelium Project – Exploring the potential of fungi for the decarbonization of residential building components

AIANY Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN) is looking ahead to the next century and the new frontier of environmentally-sensitive custom residential architecture—the decarbonization of structural and non-structural building components. ResArch Lab (RA Lab): The Mycelium Project (Part 1) is an introduction to building structures with mycelium in the context of residential architecture.

Mycelium, the thread-like structures (hyphae) in fungi, is an innovate building material with exceptional qualities that allow this biomaterial to stack, span, and hang, actions commonly known in residential work. Through an in-depth analysis of virtual case studies, the audience will hear from architects and engineers about topics specific to the growing and building of residential components from mycelium. What are their structural actions and historical precedents and how can they be explained computationally with 3D modeling and simulation? What is the interplay between mycelium’s material properties, structural forms, and fabrication process? Speakers will establish the parameters, metrics ,and goals for each structural form that will later be grown into tangible structures for a future potential site.

This introductory program will provide the audience with tools to partake in a two-part workshop on April 14 and June 2 (more information to come), where they will be able to grow their own mycelium forms and follow the trajectory of “The Mycelium Project,” where residential components grown from fungi will be assembled in a real space later in 2021.Speakers:
Jonathan Dessi-Olive, Assistant Professor of Architecture in Design and Structures, Kansas State University
Nat Oppenheimer, PE, LEED AP, Executive Vice President, Senior Principal, Silman
Rebecca Buntrock, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Associate, Silman
Omid Oliyan, PhD, Senior Computational Designer, Silman

Organized by
AIANY Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN)