With the unwinding of the COVID-19 pandemic, architecture offices are in the process of debating next steps, such as the tradeoffs between remote-only work, office-only work, and hybrid work, and how critical the role of management and communication is in parsing what these tradeoffs truly are. The rapid change in work/life patterns means that firms cannot effectively rely on precedent or business-as-usual thinking to identify how teams and staff can work together effectively. A critical examination of firm culture and policies is necessary.

If you work at an architecture firm in any capacity—from principal to intern and from design to administration—please join us for this important discussion with HR experts representing small, medium, and large architecture firms in New York City as they address the following questions and more:

  • What is the right balance between remote work and office work, or is there one?
  • What are the tradeoffs between office work and remote work? How can we balance them and communicate effectively?
  • What are the right characteristics to look for in good management and communication in remote, in-office, and hybrid settings?
  • How can we better manage expectations? How can firm leaders, HR, and staff more transparently communicate factors that underpin decisions and policies?
  • Acknowledging the “Quiet Quitting” wave, has the return to the office impacted this phenomena and what strategies are there to mitigate it?