AIANY’s Civic Leadership Program was founded by the Emerging New York Architects Committee with the mission to foster civic engagement and responsibility among emerging architectural professionals. Through mentorship and programming, the goal is to cultivate an enduring culture of advocacy with the intent of sowing lasting benefits for our profession, communities, and nation.

Our physical surroundings are an integral and formative component of how justice is deployed. With Mayor De Blasio’s recent proposal outlining the closure of Rikers Island, New York City is taking momentous steps in redefining justice; however, the plan stops short of defining any specifics in the process for achieving these goals. The proposed policy transformations will have a significant impact on the physical space of our city and we collectively have an opportunity to define the process for the future physical manifestation of justice, who it is for, what it will look like, and how it works, to ensure that outcomes represent the greatest good for all, especially the communities and populations affected most.

Recognizing that the City, advocacy groups, designers, and countless individuals have worked diligently and tirelessly to study and raise awareness of the spatial and social injustices that have become a part of the criminal justice system in New York City, the AIANY Civic Leadership Program invites the public to discuss, to learn about, and to build upon these efforts.

…And Justice for All: Reconstructing Just Potentials will explore how constructive methods of stakeholder engagement impact justice reform. Through presentations and a panel discussion, practitioners with backgrounds in public service, advocacy, research, and design will share their knowledge and experience of collaboratively shaping justice for cities, communities, and individuals.