How do you build an architectural career in sustainability while navigating the world of green certifications? How can architects work toward creating an off-the-grid lifestyle?

The AIANY Women in Architecture Committee is delighted to host Stacy Smedley, Executive Director of Building Transparency and Director of Sustainability at SKANSKA USA. Smedley will describe her career path, starting at a firm as a designer and volunteering at environmental organizations to holding a leadership role in sustainability at a global practice. She will speak about the process and challenges toward creating EC3, an open-access tool that estimates all the greenhouse-gas emissions associated with buildings. Smedley will be joined by Betty Rexrode, Principal at Rexrode Chirigos Architects, who will present ‘Living on Net Zero,’ her carbon-neutral residence on Oak Island. Rexrode will highlight the role of the architect in creating and promoting a sustainable, off-the-grid lifestyle, describing the process behind unlearning and relearning construction methods.

This conversation will explore net zero design at the small scale and through industry-wide interventions, with two speakers who advocate for the environment by incorporating building technology at vastly different scales. Their conversation will compare, contrast, and highlight principles, tools, and methods that designers, architects, and planners can use to create a carbon-neutral, more healthy built environment.