Are you passionate about sustainable design yet perplexed by how to get started? Would you like to learn how to support sustainability efforts as a firm principal, a firm specialist, a consultant, or a community advocate? What precautions should you consider for a successful launch and viable practice? What are some emerging trends and opportunities in the post-pandemic era?

AIA New York has assembled an exciting group of experts to help forge a clear path for taking on leadership roles as sustainable design warriors and helping achieve AIA’s 2030 Challenge! Panelists will point you in the correct direction with their extensive knowledge covering technical aspects, resilience and reconstruction, legal concerns, and community-based approaches, along with projected changes and opportunities as sustainability continues to be integrated into building codes, local laws, national policy, and international priorities. The days of providing traditional architectural design services are long gone. Your future depends on developing a hybrid approach that can provide a diversity of skills, services, and stewardship. We are in an emergency situation that requires all hands on deck to achieve zero carbon emission goals. The future depends on all of us participating! Be prepared to generate a lively discussion.