“Fight or Flight? Rethinking the Urban Footprint is a four-part series that will address how the urgency of climate change requires design professionals to rethink the built environment. Rising seas, extreme heat, drought, and wildfires are among the environmental stressors that will continue to affect communities throughout the United States and the world. We are now confronted with the urgent need of creating relocation strategies for individual households, communities, and cities.  

As architects, planners, landscape architects, and related professionals, it is our ethical responsibility to integrate thinking about relocation into our practices. The economic, social, and environmental impacts associated with climate migration and relocation will be a large part of this conversation, along with equity and environmental justice. We recognize that it is incumbent upon us to find appropriate pathways forward as swiftly as possible. To that end, this series is organized into four sessions: 

Pathways from Around the World
In this session, panelists will present a wide range of solutions and case studies from North America, Europe, Africa, and Australasia. These examples will explore the role of comprehensive planning to address climate migration and relocation, buyouts and community relocations, and associating visioning to recovery processes through community engagement. Speakers will make publications and associated resources available to the audience after the session.