The passage of Local Law 154 means that design professionals in New York City will be tasked with providing effective solutions for electrifying buildings. With this push towards a more sustainable energy grid comes questions of equity: Who benefits from electrification? Who pays for it? If electrification creates a demand for new green jobs, who will get those jobs and why? How do the technical decisions we make at the building scale affect the health, wellness, and economic welfare of building occupants and the broader community?

The AIANY Committee on the Environment’s Equity and Electrification series explores issues of equity in the push to fully electrify New York City’s building stock. This panel will provide a broad overview of policy and equity issues surrounding building electrification in New York City, along with a case study that tackles the technical opportunities and challenges of electrifying affordable housing. Topics will range from the health and economic impacts of electrification on vulnerable communities to the cost implications of system selections in affordable housing. Join our panelists from WE ACT, Dattner Architects, Bright Power, and Phipps Houses for this conversation.