“Decolonizing Design Research” is a workshop series that explores how research can create spaces and places that reflect values of anti-racism and justice. The dominance of western design aesthetics and research methods is largely invisible to those who were trained in design. As a result, these practices can reinforce existing power structures that are harmful to many. This workshop series will provide a space to understand how to mitigate bias in design research methods and learn about less familiar methods used in other disciplines and contexts.

For the second workshop in this series, we are inviting activist scholars to share their work and perspectives on how research can be the basis for making shifts towards equity and justice in the built environment, whether towards achieving fair housing policies or creating a movement around amplifying less-heard voices. We will examine the questions:

Who creates and benefits from knowledge?
How are the actions and findings from research communicated?
What research or data underpins an impactful social movement?

Workshop participants will gain insights from academic and applied research about methodologies that can be linked to shifting power and working toward liberation. Prior attendance in this series is not required to participate in this program.

Organized by
AIANY Social Science and Architecture Committee