Join us for a virtual tour of a selection of Downtown Los Angeles projects with LA Conservancy.

Everyone’s a critic – especially as it relates to architecture. One person’s “glass box” is another person’s edifice of stunning beauty. And while tastes change over time, buildings from the ’70s remain particularly challenging to many eyes.

But maybe this era is misunderstood. Perhaps we need to review and reconsider the times in which these buildings were constructed. Maybe we need to look a little deeper and maybe, just maybe, see these buildings for the first time!

We’re thrilled to be joined by Los Angeles Conservancy as they critique some of the tough-to-love buildings of downtown Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Conservancy works every day to make sure LA buildings survive and thrive for future generations. A private, member-based nonprofit, the L.A. Conservancy was formed in 1978 as part of the effort to prevent demolition of the stunning Los Angeles Central Library. What started as a handful of concerned citizens now has nearly 6,000 member households, hundreds of volunteers, and a full-time staff of nearly twenty. We have the largest membership of any local preservation organization in the U.S. The Conservancy is based in downtown Los Angeles but works throughout L.A. County, which spans 88 cities plus the County’s unincorporated areas.

Organized by: Center for Architecture