So you want to build an arts space for your non-profit? Great—now how do you even begin? In this initial session of “Building Hue Spaces,” we will explore how to start a capital project. We will cover determining what is needed in terms of building a new structure, renting and renovating an existing building, or considering other alternatives for your organization’s needs. During this session, you will learn to identify what information you will need to have on hand to begin this work, how to assess what kind of a space you need, how to write a scope of work for your project, and how to begin looking for funding. Attendees will hear from Pres Adams, LISC; David Dean, capital fundraiser; and two case study organizations who have begun this work. This session will be moderated by Museum Hue and AIA New York. This session’s resources and recording will be made available one week following the live session.