The global pandemic and resulting economic fallout are having a huge impact on the AEC industry. Now more than ever it is imperative to develop a business development strategy and tactics that will allow your firm to survive and thrive. In this presentation, Iva Kravitz will introduce marketing, communications, and public strategies you can deploy effectively during COVID-19, including:

1. Basic Tools for Marketing

Identity and goals
Address book
Storytelling, narrative, and framing

Easily Accessible Activities

Event hosting
Resource mapping
Conference and event attendance

2. Social Media, Digital Presence, Website

Digital presence: website supports everything, most people do not maximize their site

3. Public Relations

When to hire an outside PR agency, critical mass for that
Dos and don’ts of working with an agency: reasonable expectations
What happens when you get published
Matching your PR strategy to support your marketing plan and business plan
Organic, logical audience for most legitimate project
Parsing content
Print-digital divide or cozy comrades? Shift in media and the way people get news