A well-used building in a high density neighborhood has challenges achieving net zero energy in terms of onsite generation and use. What is the best metric for achieving the highest performance and rewarding intensity of use and density of development? This panel will expand the boundaries of consideration for a deeper understanding of the carbon intensity of our buildings. How does designing for community, ecology, economy, change and wellness impact our carbon impact? How do goals of walkable cities, responsible use of materials, adaptability and resilience factor in? Looking through the lens of the AIA COTE TopTen Toolkit we will discuss where the EUI (Energy Use Intensity) metric is useful and where it falls short. Panelists will share their experience of developing Arc’s sustainability performance platform and Arup’s aim to ‘shape a better world’, and discuss how an integrated approach to design and performance metrics can allow us to measure what matters and achieve the highest goals.

Organized by
AIANY Committee on the Environment