As architects, we must push ourselves to create socially-responsible and ethical designs. However, before we can achieve this, we must first address the biases and patterns of discrimination that exist within our own workplaces.

Join us for an enlightening event where our esteemed speaker, Wandile Mthiyane, an architect and Obama Foundation scholar with experience in the US and South Africa, will introduce architects to practical tools and strategies for promoting inclusion in decision-making, design, and hiring processes. One such powerful tool are the Anti-Racist Hot Dog Cards, a unique initiative that revolutionizes how we approach equity and inclusion in the workplace through humor, food, and meaningful conversations. During this event, Mthiyane will share insights from Ubuntu Design Group and the Anti-Racist Hot Dog initiative, two platforms dedicated to tackling racism in design and fostering equitable workplaces through open dialogue. Whether you’re an architect, designer, or simply passionate about diversity and inclusion, join us to learn from and network with like-minded professionals who are committed to making the architectural community more inclusive and equitable. The event will feature house music, open discussions, and, of course, hot dogs. Together, let’s construct an anti-racist culture within architecture!

Watch a video of the inaugural event in Chicago.