Event Video Recordings: 
Part 1: Duo Dickinson
Part 2: Habitat for Greater New Haven
Part 3: Patriquin Architects
Part 4: Paul B. Bailey Architect
Part 5: Virtual Roundtable (shown above)

In this virtual Lunch & Learn workshop, AIANY members will hear from practitioners whose work serves people and communities with limited resources to commission professional design services.

To begin, (Parts 1-4 on video), speakers will present pre-recorded video-conversations with colleagues and clients to share their designs, knowledge, and stories working for non-profit organizations. Moderator Duo Dickinson, Duo Dickinson Architects, and guest speakers Paul Bailey, Paul B. Bailey Architect; Bill Casey, Habitat for Greater New Haven; and Karin Patriquin, Patriquin Architects, will discuss how their firms balance their time between high-end residential and large-scale housing and commercial commissions with restricted-budget and small-scale commissions that serve the needs of the underprivileged, such as shelters for the homeless, housing for Habitat for Humanity, and restorations/adaptive re-use projects for non-profits. Dickinson, Bailey, and Patriquin will each share their experiences promoting pride of place in the communities they serve by presenting  examples of the work that they are most proud of.

To finish (Part 5 on video), Dickinson will lead a roundtable discussion on the value, methods, and means of providing community-focused services and pursuing projects that put people over profits. Audience members will be able to participate in discussions with the three industry leaders in virtual breakout rooms where they can ask questions, seek advice, and share their own knowledge about and experiences in the pursuit of building goodwill through their work.