Which tools give architects and designers agency to initiate civic change prior to design? Architects are continually seeking to maximize the impact of their work by serving as stewards of civic engagement in our communities. In today’s practice, the role of architects is expanding beyond the limits of a service-based industry towards a more thoughtfully proactive civic role. However,traditional modes of education and practice may not adequately prepare us to advocate for civic and social issues outside our typical role in delivering projects.On December 3rd, participants in the 2019 Civic Leadership Program will convene a group of experts with this valuable experience, and provide an opportunity for architects of all levels to learn about tools and strategies for realizing effective, community-based change.

In this public event, we will question our current interaction and engagement with communities, and learn how to develop our skills individually and collectively beyond traditional roles, towards those focused on fostering community participation and facilitating trust-building activities. This event will bring in a diverse range of professional voices, learning from experts in the civic realm about how they have developed their own tools for Research, Communication, Outreach and Action. The focus on tools and methodologies aims to equip practicing architects to understand how they can engage in participatory community projects prior or parallel to a traditional design project.

About the Program
AIANY’s Civic Leadership Program was founded by the AIANY Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA) with the mission to foster civic engagement and responsibility among emerging architectural professionals. Through mentorship and programming, the goal is to cultivate an enduring culture of advocacy with the intent of sowing lasting benefits for our profession, communities, and nation.