Box Building Example 1500px

The form, or shape, of a building can be inspired by many different things. In this activity, use the materials you have available to inspire your own building design! Watch the video below to see how a cereal box can be transformed into a row house.

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Materials: Recycled cardboard boxes, glue or tape, various papers, crayons, scissors

Step 1: Collect some materials to inspire your building design! Focus on the shape since the outside will get covered with other materials.

Step 2: Using these supplies, decide on the overall 3D shape of your building. If you are using more than one box, glue or tape them together so they are stable.

Step 3: Imagine the main material of your building. Is it made of brick? Stone? Wood? Draw the material pattern on some paper or make a texture rubbing. Carefully fold, wrap, and glue or tape the paper around your box like a present.

Step 4: Cut paper into shapes to make doors, windows, and other building parts. Use our glossary of Illustrated Building Parts for ideas. Glue the shapes onto your box building. You can draw some of the finer details.

Step 5: Share a photograph of your creation on Instagram! Tag @centerforarch.