Our Lady of Sorrows complete the bldg 1500px


A building that is symmetrical has two halves that match exactly. A line of symmetry can be drawn down the middle to divide it into two identical parts. Look at the example using Our Lady of Sorrows Church on the Lower East Side above, then complete the missing half of the symmetrical building.

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Materials: paper, pencil, colored pencils or crayons, ruler (optional)

Step 1: Complete the roofline and other major lines that go across the building and divide it into top, middle, and bottom parts. Practice by tracing over the line in the photo, then continue it onto the blank side of the page.

Step 2: Finish drawing the shapes that are cut in half using this same trace and continue method.

Step 3: Add in other shapes and building parts to match the left side of the building. You can use a ruler or your pencil to measure their width. Mark these dimensions on the right to help you draw them at the same size.

Step 4: Color in your half of the drawing to match the photo. Then share a photograph of your creation on Instagram! Tag @centerforarch.

Bonus: Use our Illustrated Building Parts glossary to help you find these architectural parts: arch, pediment, bay window, lintel, sill, cornice